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Upstairs at Lucinda Wildin Hair, 144 High St, Kelvedon CO5 9JA

Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clincial Massage is a remedial treatment with a holistic approach - working to relieve chronic pain and/or restricted movement over a series of treatments and includes:


- Myofascial release


- Hot & Cold stone work


- Deep tissue massage


- Acupressure


- Trigger point massage


- Assisted Stretching


- Home care advice


This treatment is great for sports people, anybody looking for help with chronic pain and anyone who experiences repetitive strain injuries, restrcited movement, musculoskeletal problems or postural issues.


Louise will be working with you to get the answer to why the problem has happened in the first place, release the affected soft tissue and figure out how you can keep it under control and prevent re-occurence in the future.


A course of a minimum of 4 treatments within a maximum of 2 months and then a regular monthly maintenance treatment is recommended for optimal results.


Louise has excellent connections with other local therapists and bodyworkers who provide physio, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, sports therapy, osteopathy etc that she can refer you to if benefical for you.

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