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Massage with a well trained, experienced therapist is much more than just a pampering treat.


Massage can be mainly relaxing and restorative in nature or remedial (to correct a musculo-skeletal problem).


A course of massage treatments or a regular monthly session can really help improve your health and wellbeing by reducing pain and stiffness, improving function and releasing stress and tension, balancing hormones, boosting your immune system etc and helping you feel better in yourself.


Many people have areas of their body that often feel achy or cause them problems due to the repetitive nature of their job, their posture, the sports they play, life with young children, recovering from surgery, old or recent injuries, trauma, using mobile phones etc.


Sore low back, tight shoulders, stiff neck, tingling in the arms and hands, sciatic pain, heel pain, restricted movement and headaches for example are all very common and can all be eased effectively with massage.


Emotional issues are also widespread. Modern life leaves many people feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Massage can help bring you back into better balance.


At Kelvedon Massage Therapy treatments are charged by time rather than type of massage so just book in and your requirements will be disussed at your inital consultation and at the beginning of each session.

Louise is trained in and works with:


Hot & Cold Stones    Aromatherapy     Deep Tissue Massage    Seated Massage    Trigger Point Therapy



Eastern bodywork techniques    Scar Work    Pregnancy Massage   Myofascial Release    Craniosacral Therapy



All techniques which can be incorporated into your massage treatment according to your needs

ACMT 1 myofascial